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Wasilla home bakery specializing in Bundts of all shapes and sizes~ Proudly serving the Mat-Su!

Always open for emailed or texted orders

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If you would like a taste of these made-from-scratch, all-occasion, delectable cakes, and want to pre-order for you next event, get in touch today! Start building your own Bundt cakes here! Include your desired flavor, pan shape, cake size, and topping(s). Check out the always-growing photo gallery for some mouth-watering ideas! The time needed to prepare your order is 1-2 days, depending on order size. I prefer orders to be picked up, but will deliver in Wasilla. Proudly serving the Mat-Su Valley Alaska!

For all local (Wasilla area) deliveries, the fee is $10. For orders exceeding $50, delivery is FREE.


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At BundtsUponATime, quality comes first. Everything that comes out the oven is always homemade from scratch and made with the very best ingredients. I can’t wait for you to try some of these delicious flavors—pre-order today to grab a scrumptious, mouth-watering treat. Any special cake flavor or topping requests? Just ask! 


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice cake is excellent any time of the year.  It's so moist and tasty with a beautiful crumb.

Carrot Cake

This moist and delicious cake is made with fresh Mantanuska Valley carrots whenever I can get them! Excellent with coffee or for desert. It's also a great idea for a potluck or gift.


Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

A delightful vein of sweet cinnamon streusel travels through this moist and elegant cake.  Perfect for a brunch or with morning coffee.

Vanilla Bean

This cake is flavored with Madagascar Vanilla Beans for its outstanding vanilla flavor. I brush a coat of homemade vanilla syrup on the outside to seal in the moistness and add more of that beloved vanilla taste. It has such a beautiful crumb and tastes so smooth and silky!


Rainbow Bundt

Cutting into a Rainbow Bundt reveals a vibrant and vivid display of every color of the rainbow! It is a moist and flavorful vanilla cake that is so much fun to slice, and even more fun to eat! 


Delicious, moist vanilla cake filled with colorful, cheerful sprinkles! This is the perfect flavor selection for any of the cake sizes, especially cake towers and the mini-bundts. Great for birthday parties! Make this cake part of a day that's filled with fun, joy, and the sweetest of memories!



This lemon cake is truly my favorite; its flavor is just fabulous! I brush it with a coating of lemon syrup to lock in the moisture and add another dimension to the lemony palate.  It's a nice flavor choice for party mini-bundts and bundtlets, and birthday cake.  Ask for fresh blueberries in the batter or sprinkled on top while in season!


Delicious orange cake made from fresh orange juice, sour cream, and butter just to name a few ingredients. It's moist and refreshing. The moisture is locked in with a coating of orange syrup just after cooling the cake. It's wonderful eaten bare, or choose your topping. Can be made with fresh cranberries in season. Just ask!



Fresh lime juice is the key ingredient in this moist and flavorful pound cake. This amazing lime cake is coated with a lime syrup after cooling to seal in the moisture and add an additional flavor burst! Absolutely surprisingly delicious!

Marble cake

A nice blend of chocolate and vanilla cake. It's so moist and delicious. It's also fun to slice and reveal the color swirls! Great choice for Pinwheel pan shape, bundtlets or mini bundts!


Devils Food Chocolate Chip

If you are in need of a chocolate fix, this amazing cake will do just that! Made with Dutch processed cocoa and mini chocolate chips it's sure to satisfy the craving.  I personally love it with the triple crown (pictured) topping (see topping menu).

Red Velvet

This scrumptious, vibrant Southern favorite is so rich, smooth, and moist with a hint of chocolate.


To Be Determined

What flavor request do you have in mind? Gluten free? Vegan? Strawberry?

Please don't hesitate to contact  BundtsUponATime today for any of these delicious flavors or any special flavor requests!

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Pan Shapes

Bundt pans come in a variety of shapes.  Some shapes are available in only 1 or 2, sometimes 3, different sizes.  The Classic pan comes in 6 different cake sizes to choose from! See the photo gallery for some mouth-watering cakes made in the array of pan shapes available!


Pan Gallery

Scroll through the pan pictures and description to choose your pan shape and size.

Chiffon Pan

The fancy and beautiful Chiffon pan comes in Large (9") and Small (6")

Elegant Bundt Pan

Small (6") and Large (10") Orange cakes made in Elegant Pan.  These are so much fun to slice!


Kugelhoph Pans

The Kugelhoph coms in Large (9") Small (6") and Bundtlet (4") sizes

Classic Bundt Pan

This Classic Bundt pan shape comes in X-Large (10"x5"), Large (10"x4"),  Medium 8", Small 6", Bundtlet 4", and Mini-Bundt 2.5" sizes.

Stacked Love pan

This Stacked Love pan comes in XL (10") only and is perfect for Valentines Day, an anniversary, proposal, birthday, and any occasion where "I love you" is expressed.


Braided Bundt Pan

This stately pan comes only in XL (10")

Bavaria Pan

The Bavaria Pan comes in Large (9") only. This pan produces a gorgeous cake. Check out the photo below for a lemon pound cake made in this pan

Bavaria Pan

Lemon pound cake in Bavaria pan comes in size Large (9")



This whimsical Pinwheel pan comes in Large (9"), Medium (8"), and Bundtlet (4")

Pinwheel Pan

This Medium (8") Tri-tone 'marble' cake was made in a Pinwheel pan and later topped with white and chocolate ganache and carmel

Lotus Pan

This fun Lotus pan comes only in Medium 8-9".


Lotus Pan

Gorgeous vanilla cake made in the Lotus pan

 Pinwheel Bundtlet Pan

3.5" Pinwheel Bundtlet Pans

Cathedral Pan

Cathedral pan comes in Small (6") and Large (9")


Cathedral Pan

Small (6") Cathedral cake dusted in organic powdered sugar

Classic Bundtlet Pans (3.5")

The Classic Bundtlet Pans

Small Bundt Pans (6")

Fleur de lis, Elegant, Chiffon, Cathedral, Kugelhoph, and Classic (not pictured) shapes come in small


Mini Bundt Pans (2.5")

This cute  size comes in Classic shape  only and is perfect for dozens of birthday party delights!

Mini Bundts

Two dozen Vanilla Mini-Bundts with vanilla glaze ready to be gobbled up!

Fleur de Lis

This classy pan comes in large (9") and small (6") sizes.


Fleur de Lis

This classy pan comes in large and small sizes.

Charlotte Pan

Charlotte pan comes in size medium only. Sold as bare cake only.  This is perfect for whipped cream and fresh fruit of your own choice.

This pan collection is always growing in size and shape. If I don't have one that you have seen elsewhere, please let me know!

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Cake Size and Pricing

All prices include a City of Wasilla sales tax of 2.5%.


Extra Large Bundt Cakes 10"


This cake size serves 16-20+ people.  Pans shapes available in this size are the Classic Bundt, the Stacked Love Bundt, and the Braided Bundt.

Large Bundt Cakes 9"


Large size will serve 12-16 people. It comes as a bare cake or dusted with organic confectioner's sugar for $35. Choose from toppings menu for other topping selections. Classic, Pinwheel, Elegant, Chiffon, Fleur de Lis, Cathedral, and Bavarian all come in large.


Medium Bundt Cakes 8"


Medium size bundt cake serves 6-8 people. The Pinwheel, the Classic, Charlotte, and the Lotus come in this size.

Small Bundt Cakes 6"

$10 per each

$38 per 4

6 inches in diameter, these cuties serve 2-3 people. Classic, Cathedral, Fleur de Lis, Kugelhoph, and Chiffon all come in small size


Bundtlets 3.5"

$5 per ea.

$20 per 4

$30 per 6

$58 per dozen

Nearly 4" in diameter, Bundtlets are a generously sized personal cake or split it for two! They are about the same size as a jumbo muffin. I sell them individually, by 4, 6, or 12. If purchased by the dozen, you can choose 3 different flavor combinations in the dozen. (i.e 4 lemon, 4 lime, and 4 orange) Serves 1-2. Pan shapes available in this size are the Classic and the Pinwheel.

Mini Bundts 2.5"

$3 each

$12 per 4

$18 per 6

$35 per dozen

The mini Bundt is about the same size a typical cupcake.  This fun size is perfect for birthday parties, or to treat the team at work. They now come individually packaged in their own miniature cake dome! Classic shape only. 


Classic Bundt Tower


This dramatic Bundt cake tower makes a beautiful statement for a birthday or a wedding cake! Consisting of large, medium, and  small Bundt cakes, it can be made with any of the flavors available. Pictured is carrot cake with pecans inside, dusted with organic confectioner's suger. Pick your topping or leave it bare! It will serve about 30 people. Cake towers can be made in select L/M, L/Sm, M/Sm, Sm/Bundtlet/mini-Bundt combos with other pan shapes as well. 

Extreme Tower of Bundt


This is the ultimate Classic Bundt Tower and is five and 13 inches high! It's constructed of an extra large, a medium, a small, a Bundtlet, and a mini-Bundt. It's best demolished from the top-down. An extreme cake for an extreme party.  Serves 35+ people.  Pictured is the tower constructed with Funfetti cake, and iced in white chocolate ganache. It's available in any of the flavors I offer.


Contact BundtsUponATime today for any of these delicious cakes and more.

Home: Top Sellers


All prices include a 2.5% Wasilla sales tax

Home: List

Organic Powdered Sugar

Dusting comes free if desired

Citrus Glaze

Powdered sugar and fresh, lemon, lime, or orange juices make this basic, but flavorful and beautiful glaze.


Chocolate Ganache

Delicious chocolate ganache made with coconut cream and semi-sweet chocolate


White Chocolate Ganache

Luxurious and abolutely divine white chocolate ganache



Delicious homemade caramel with or without a sprinkling of sea salt crystals



Toasted pecans, walnuts, almonds or other nuts


Triple Crown

A generous topping consisting of chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache, AND caramel. Most decadent.


Espresso Ganache

A hint of espresso powder makes the chocolate flavor just pop!


American Buttercream

This is a buttery sweet frosting consisting of butter and confectioner's sugar.  


Chocolate Buttercream

A silky smooth and creamy chocolate buttercream

Ribbons and Bow

A playful topper of a fancy bow and curly ribbons, your choice of color


Topping charge does not apply if a single Bundtlet or Mini-Bundt is purchased. Nuts can be added to the batter of the cinnamon streusel and carrot cakes upon request. Contact me if you have any special topping requests!

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